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Amazing Volunteering experience Abroad at The Love Company orphanage! My time at The orphanage was rewarding one. It allowed me to integrate into the culture rather than to be a spectator, to part of community. I was not a tourist there. Children were great! Age of 4-11 there are absolute bundles of joy and energy.

My day to day routine consisted getting the children ready for school, walking them to school then I had free time to explore beautiful Pokhara. When I bring children from school to Orphanage I helped children with their Home Work and then sport time, playing with them which of course they enjoyed the most.

Thank you to Krishna, Santos, house mothers  Janjita, Apsara for their kindness and hospitality. This was a great experience. I would certainly recommend people to join .

Ryan  from Canada

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Volunteer testimonial from Shawna Rae

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Thelove


My time here in Pokhara so far (5 weeks) has been absolutely wonderful both at the orphanage and all around it. I have never been to a community that is so trusting and honest; it is the perfect place for first time travellers who are getting out of their comfort zone. It is very safe everywhere, even at night, and everything is close by so it’s not hard to get all of the essentials that you need.


I had some communication complications between the organization who sent me here and Krishna, so everything was put together very last minute. Despite the time constraint of only 2-3 days of notice that I was coming, Krishna organized late-night pickup for me from the airport, a hotel in Kathmandu, a bus ride to Pokhara, and a hotel for me to stay in by the time I got there. When you’re arriving in a foreign country very late, having everything all set up is more than any traveller could ask for.


Krishna and his wife, Parbati, really treat you like family while you are in their country. They understand that there are many cultural differences that you are not accustomed to and they try their best to accommodate you in any way possible. They will also take you on trips to the market place or to places with beautiful views, as well as help arrange things like treks and trips to farther places in Nepal.


As for the orphanage, the kids are wonderful. Aside from being super cute, they are very responsible for their age and get joy out of very simple things that most first-world children don’t. They have the imaginations of the early 90s kids and anyone before them because they do not rely on technology for entertainment. They love to do things like go for picnics in the park, make superhero masks out of paper, and play games that involve competition. They sometimes need help with homework and learning English and it is always fun to help them with both. Luxuries that they enjoy are chicken, popcorn, candy, toy cars for the boys, and makeup for the girls. Those items are easy to buy and cheap from a volunteer’s perspective, so it is nice to buy it for them every once in a while (but not too often!).


Being at the orphanage provides a learning experience not only for the children, but also for yourself as a volunteer. You can learn so much from being around the children and see something that you maybe thought was long gone from your own society. It has been such a refreshing experience for me so far and for the remainder of my stay (3 weeks) I only expect to learn more and come home with great memories and new friendships.


If you are concerned about ending up at a “bad” orphanage, I can definitely say that this one checks out. The children are treated very well, their living situation is good, and their bellies are always full. Krishna really wants to help the kids and see them learn whenever possible. He likes them to play games and do activities where they learn as much as possible to help them in their future.


So, all-in-all, I would highly recommend volunteering with this specific orphanage. The time they need volunteers the most is during the winter (November-March). They have been lucky enough to get solar panels and a water filter installed by one of the volunteers, but they are still in need of financial support for things like food and rent. So come help out whenever possible and you’ll get an amazing experience out of it!


If anyone has any personal questions they’d like to ask me, feel free to contact me here.


View fom the hotel

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Testimonial from Sem and Sherine

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Thelove


Volunteering at Love Company, Pokhara

Oct 2013

I have always wanted to volunteer abroad in an orphanage. I narrowed down my orphanage search and contacted Master Krishna of Love Company located in Pokhara. Upon working out on logistic and time, my friend and I took the 6.5hours bus from Kathmandu and arrived at Pokhara. We were warmly welcomed by Master Krishna, who then introduced us to the orphanage and shared about his work with the children. As it was coincidently the big Dashian festival in the country, children were picked up by their relatives, with the exception of a 6 year old boy who was recently brought to the orphanage from the street. Master Krishna and his wife had generously brought the boy along to their relatives to celebrate the festival, and got him a new jacket, keeping him warm from the pouring rain and chilly weather. For a week my friend and I stayed with the children, aged between 3 to 13 from different backgrounds. We helped with letters and numbers, songs and games, arts and craft, and of course snacks and ice cream. Children in the orphanage are very intelligent, and deserve the same cuddles, hugs, attention, love, assurance, and praise. One often embarks on an outreach experience like this hoping and thinking to help and contribute, but I have to say that this past week leaves me feeling that the biggest contribution was made in one’s own life. It had been an amazing one week experience staying and learning with the children.

Sem and Sherine, Oct 2013 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Volunteer testimonial from Sem in Chinese!

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Thelove


Hello Master Krishna


Please find below a paragraph I prepared in Chinese from my one week experience w/ Love Company. Let me know if you want it in English. Sherine will be emailing you the Malay language version. Have a nice evening



一 直以來,我都非常渴望能在海外的育幼院從事義工服務。這次我找到了位於博卡拉這個小鎮上的Love Company,並且和院長Krishna取得了聯繫。當一切事務聯絡就緒,我就動身去博卡拉這個離加德滿都大約6.5小時巴士車程的小鎮。抵達之後,受 到Krishna院長的熱烈歡迎,他詳細的帶領我參觀了育幼院和了解他們幫助孩子們的工作。因為剛好適逢最大的Dashian節慶,很多孩子們都被他們的 親戚接回家過節,除了一個剛剛被帶回來的六歲街童男孩。Krishna院長和他的妻子很慷慨的帶著這個孩子和他自己的家人一起過節,還為他添置了一件外 套,讓他不至在這個又濕又冷的節期挨凍。我在育幼院裡待了一個禮拜左右的時間,孩子們從3歲到13歲都有,個個來自不同的背景。我們帶著孩子們認字,數 數,唱歌,遊戲,做美勞手工,當然 少不了的吃點心和冰淇淋。這些孩子們都很聰明,和所有其他的孩子們一樣,他們也都需要大人們的擁抱和關愛,肯定與讚美。常常人們在當義工的時候會希望自己 能夠幫助別人,貢獻自己所得。但是我必須要說,在過去的這個禮拜和 與孩子們在一起的時光,豐滿充實了更多的,是我自己的生命。



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Volunteer Testimonial From Petricia

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Thelove



Bonnie Ohne Kleid


Dear Krishna, thank you so so much for all the pictures! At least I have a few pictures now of the children. Happy! I really enjoyed staying with these wonderful children and learned a lot of them. How was the Festival? Did you spend it with all your family? And what about Bardan, did you take him for the days of the festival? Thank you so much for everything and for giving me the chance to stay with the amazing children of the love company orphanage. Patricia

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Testimonial- Everyone was friendly and always willing to help.

Posted on July 29, 2013 by Thelove


The most important part of my Nepal trip was volunteering at the orphanage, as this was my soul goal for visiting the country, but having arrived i found that there were other great aspects such as the abundance of beautiful scenery and the diverse activities available for volunteers and tourists. In addition of the beauty of the country the kindness of the people was greatly humbling, everyone was friendly and always willing to help.




My intentions for volunteering was to provide a difference in the lives of those that may be be more unfortunate then me. Having chose the love company, it was evident from the start that there was a warm environment provided to both the volunteers and the orphans. The two house mothers in charge of the orphans were great, they provided a very happy environment for the children. I was happy to see that the children were living relatively comfortably, obviously this only being the case due to donations. Although financial aid is crucial in the running of the orphanage (without so i do not think the great environment provided by the love company could be provided), i believe educational aid is of greater importance, this i could not provide for the children. Although the children had an eagerness to learn, having no teaching experience it was difficult to provide them with my intended ambitions.


All in all it was a good experience, there is a fair amount of free time where you can go out and see Pokhara, personally i would recommend that if you visit to go with a friend , i was fortunate enough to have another volunteer there with me.


Thanks you for everything,


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Testimonial from Georgina- Magical Children

Posted on July 7, 2013 by Thelove


Testimonial: April/May 2013

My time at the Orphanage was the most magical and memorable experience of my life 🙂 Till this day I think about the loving and open hearted little Buddha children. Their souls are so pure and full of love. I can recall clearly arriving at the orphanage with Master Krishna, I was a little nervous and also excited to meet them. When they all came out from the house, the first thing that captured my heart were their loving eyes and smiles, I felt so emotional and immediately felt a higher love. I cried inside because I have never felt this LOVE, it was pure, real and innocent love. I decided to come to Nepal because I wanted to give my whole heart completely, my all, my everything to the children and the people of Nepal.

Than you Master Krishna for giving me the opportunity to work with the children, thank you Parbati for your delicious break fast, your porridge with bananas was very tasty, especially enjoyed your Nepali tea. I also loved watching the children eat their dinner each night, just being able to eat with them was a beautiful experience 🙂

I felt welcomed immediately at the Orphanage home and Master Krishna’s home. All the children said hello and then a beautiful moment arose. One of the girls Mamota grabbed my hand and it was so beautiful, I was speechless. My heart was full of love.

The children are all very bright, loving, caring, wise souls. Each of them have a magical and unique character.

I felt they were much older inside, through their eyes I saw wisdom, I saw strength, I saw allot of LOVE.

We had so much fun together, I loved their cheekiness, their play-fullness. These children are very different from children in the western world, they appreciate all they have, because they have little. Each day when I came to the orphanage, the children would run so fast to me and jump on me and hold me and they don’t want to let me go, this was an incredibly feeling 🙂

I cried so much on my last day at the orphanage it was difficult seeing all there precious faces and having to tell them I am going. I have taken many photos and videos with them.

Nepal is my soul connection and I know I will be back to kiss and hug them all again soon 🙂

Thank you Master Krishna, thank you Buddha, thank you god, thank you universe for the most heart felt experience of my life.

Thank you to my beautiful children of Nepal for giving me so much LOVE, I love you, Biraj, Dinesh, Susmita, Mamata, Bishal, Manoj, Shristi and Samrat.

In my heart forever you will be 🙂

With love and Inspiration


Georgina xx

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Testimonial from volunteer Alexandra!

Posted on March 30, 2013 by Thelove



my name is Alexandra and my hometown is Nuremberg in Germany. I´ve been at the Love Orphanage in March 2013. I still hardly can´t believe, how wonderful it was! Thank you so much Krishna, for giving me this amazing chance!

Before I arrived, I was a little bit excited how my daily life would be there and if the children would like me. As it tourned out, there was absolutely no reason to worry. The children and the whole team, consisting of Krishna, his wife, the two housemothers Sanjita and Absara and the teacher Santos, welcomed me with open arms and a bright smile! So it was very easy for me to acclimate. My daily routine was as follows: After a delicious breakfast, prepared by Krishnas lovely wife Parvati, I walked to the orphanage to bring the children to school at ten o´clock. Then I had some free time until 15 o´clock, when I picked up the children from school. After a snack at the orphanage, I learned with the children and helped them with their homework. Then we played, danced or drew until dinner, which I had together with the children. Sanjita is a really great cook! The work with the children is so much fun and really rewarding, I miss them all very much. I just can recommend everybody, who is thinking about volunteering in Nepal, to go there! Pokhara is a beautiful city, surrounded by spectacular nature and there are lots of opportunities to get to know Nepali culture and people. Everyone tried to enable me as many great experiences as possible. But the most amazing thing of all was to meet these cute and adorable children and the whole Love Orphanage team. I am so deeply thankful! It was an experience I will never forget in my whole life and I hope very much I will return one day. If you have any questions, I would be glad to help!

In Peace and Love,


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The gate way!

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Thelove


Na-mas-te !


My name is Sean Molloy and i reside in Brisbane, Australia. I have been with The Love Company as a volunteer since the 3rd of December 2012. I have enjoyed every minute spent helping the children progress in their education and extra-curricular activities. As soon as I arrived to meet the children at their home I felt very welcomed and Ra-yul was the first to grip my hand. It took me a while to learn all of their names but soon it became easy and they each have a unique personality and smiles from ear to ear. I am learning just as much from these amazing children as I hope I am teaching them. My time is divided between visiting the children at their home and teaching a variety of subjects in English at the local government school, Shree Barahi Primary and Secondary. This is also the school that nearly all of the love company children attend. The first day teaching at the school was daunting as I have had very limited teaching experience previously and I wondered how the children would react to my arrival. They were all very friendly, receptive and interested in knowing where I came from and who I was. The children, even at primary school level have a good grasp of the English dialect, which is a credit to Shree Barahi and its teaching staff. My confidence is growing each day along with my very limited command of the Nepali language. The students are very intelligent in their allocated subjects and it is my hope to try and bridge the gap between their knowledge of the same subjects taught in Nepali and English.


The teachers at the school are dedicated and loving people who all strive to give their students an excellent education combined with a promising future. It was a privilege and an honour to work at the school and I hope that future volunteers (with or without teaching experience) have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people and are rewarded knowing they are contributing to the development of these brilliant young Nepali children.


If a consistent number of international volunteers and teachers were to spend some time in Pokhara they would have the chance to explore the region’s rich and vibrant culture, delicious ‘lake-side’ cuisine and unforgettable views of the Himalayan region, made perfect for hiking and trekking adventures. But most of all, volunteers would have the chance to invest in the future of these bright young children who love to learn, and it is by far the most rewarding and satisfying feeling to contribute in such a small way.


A word of advice to those interested, it is important to bring some instructional subject material to teach from. Most of the teaching material is predominantly in Nepali so it pays to come prepared. In saying this I adapted quite easily teaching English subjects to students of various age groups once I knew their level of the spoken and written language. I would recommend this type of adventure to anyone wishing to visit or holiday in Pokhara Nepal and it is my hope to return again one day.


Thank you to Krishna and the Love Company for this incredible opportunity, I feel truly blessed to have met you all.


Love Sean

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Testimonial- many exploring opportunities!

Posted on November 25, 2012 by Thelove


Namaste! Hi! My name is Abbey and I am a volunteer at The Love Company Children Home, in Pokhara, Nepal. If you are interested in volunteering with children, living in a beautiful and outdoorsy village, and having daily opportunities of exploring – this is for you!


There are currently thirteen children, ages 4 – 11, six girls and seven boys. Two house mothers live there, Upsada and Sanjita. They take turns cooking and cleaning. If you were to volunteer here, they give you a (nice) room to sleep in and a (clean) western bathroom. Responsibilities of a volunteer include: waking up and playing with the children in the morning before breakfast and afterwards, helping the children clean-up and get ready for school. When it is near the time school starts, another responsibility is to walk the children to school. After that “free time” until 3:00pm – which is nice if you enjoy exploring and going new places. Lakeside is a twenty minute walk away! Lakeside has many attractions, among them are restaurants and bars along the lake, shops, adventure shops, and of course Lake Fewa. You can walk, bike, or boat around it! It is quite beautiful! After exploring or relaxing, you pickup the children from school and walk back to the home. When you arrive, you eat a snack and then work on homework before free time. After that is dinner and more free time before bed. At the end of the day you will have a balance between the children and your own time!


I decided to go here to Pokhara because I have never been here and wanted to learn about the Nepali culture. I have enjoyed my stay and getting the chance to learn. People here in Pokhara are very friendly, generous, and willing to help. On all my walks and adventures, I have been greeted by people of all ages saying, “Namaste! How are you?” People are genuine, warm, and curious! They want to know where you are from, great conversations have been had with strangers.


Upon my arrival I was greeted by Krishna, the manager of the house. Such a sweet and gentle man! Making sure my travels were safe and sound and introducing me to Santos (a teacher who volunteers at the home) the house mothers and all the adorable children. Talking and listening to him, I realized that his heart is for the children. He has given so much of his time and money to the childrens home, knowing this is a comfort. Volunteering at an organization where the owner is passionate about the cause, the children – is evident here! I am grateful for the opportunity I have here, to work with the children in a foreign country and still have the time to explore.


Abbey USA031520142293

The Love Company needs volunteers from all over the world to help with our orphanage and our work, to spend time with our children and to have a “once in a lifetime” experience.

The Love Company needs volunteers from all over the world to help with our orphanage and our work, to spend time with our children and to have a “once in a lifetime” experience.


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