Volunteer in Amazing, Beautiful Pokhara, Nepal

We are looking for volunteers to work with orphans in whatever capacity and ability you can provide. Teachers, cooks, enthusiastic fun people, construction, and any skill you may have that we could incorporate. We have room and board available for our volunteers. Please send us a email with your contact info.


We offer one of the most affordable program fees in this competitive and expensive time and compared to many international and local agencies, we have no other cost in between organization who take your money for their high administration manpower, your help will go directly to the kids and the orphanage which you will see from your eyes and the change made at the ground level , our fees are substantially lower. We are committed to providing excellent, quality volunteer programs that efficiently use the amount we receive.

Currently the program fee is calculated as follows (in Pounds). There is no hidden cost associated with our program and no international agencies fees.

The Love Company’s Fees:

4 weeks 495 Euros
3 Weeks 395 Euros
2 Weeks 375 Euros
1 Week 285 Euros
Extra days 20 Euros per day

The program fee covers
1. Transport from Kathmandu to Pokhara
2. Meal and accommodation (Nepali standard) with host family during placement.
3. Accommodation and main meals during training period and placement.
4. Language and cultural information classes.
5. The Love Company staff visits to placement.
6. Transportation (pick up from airport and placement)
7. Intensive training and orientation appropriate to the length of your stay
8. Stationary during training.
9. Supervision
10. One day sight seeing in Pokhara


The fee does not cover
1. Insurance (medical, travel, personal belongings)
2. Flight or land transportation from your country to Nepal.
3. Personal expenses (i.e. gift items, food in between meals, water)
4. Trekking, rafting, other adventure activities.
5. Visa costs.
6. Medical and Doctor expenses

If you are more then two months placement and want to do two different placements, you will be charge 50 Euros extra.

The money generated by volunteers goes directly to helping The Love Company with the following projects:
1. Orphans and School Kids
a.Library and School Books
b. Scholarship Programs Offers for poor and disabled children
c.School materials
d.Bench and Tables for Primary School
e.Exercise Books and Pens
f. First Aid Kits
2. Woman
a. Cooking (Nepali food) in the host family
b. Delivery cases
c. Literacy Programs (e.g. Adult Literacy programs)
d. Skill Development Programs (e.g. handicraft)
e. Rescue Work
3. Health camp for dental Checkup
4. Organic Farming

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  6 Responses to “Volunteer”

  1. Hello,
    I live in France and would ike to know if volunteer can come with their children?

    looking forward to hear from you

    Caroline, 36 y.o

  2. Hello,
    I would like to volunteer in the orphanage for 2 weeks.I would like to help out and do whatever I can. I can cook, play the piano and I have taught English as a foreign language for 2 years.
    Are there any specific dates? I am thinking of coming at the beginning of March.
    Looking forward to hearing form you,
    Kind Regards,

  3. I would like to volunteer at the Love Orphanage from Dec. 15- Dec. 24- Is that possible?

    Thank you

  4. Hi there,

    I am planning on coming to Nepal this December and am very interested in volunteer teaching with the Love Company Orphanage for about 2 weeks. I am Canadian and currently teach in Australia, I also taught in Vietnam for a year as well, which I feel may help me with this experience.

    Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

  5. Hello!

    Do you an adresse sending things to the children?

    I’m not coming very soon so …



  6. Hello, My name is Marissa Johnson and I live in the U.S. I am interested in volunteering at the Love Company Orphanage, and would love to receive more information about it and how to apply. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank You

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