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Nepal Report
NEPAL 2012


A report by Leonie Hacker (19.2. – 25.3.2012) and Harriet Fruehling (19.2. – 11.3.2012) retelling our time at the Love Company Orphanage.

Sunday evening we arrived at the orphanage after 6 hours Bus Trip. Excited, because we didn’t know what we have to expect, was the first impression of those lovely children really reassuring.
They involved us directly in their games and their daily structure. Happy, that they have been so interested in us, the two new Volunteers from Germany, we answered every question. The nice atmosphere of the orphanage and also the reason, that other volunteers were staying with us in the house let us finishing our first day with a good impression.

Today, a few weeks later we are laughing about our unsure feelings in the first days. We have now a second family!
We are enjoying playing, eating, teaching and talking with the children and do the same with their friendly house mommies.

Pokhara made it easy for us to feel “at home”.

Our day structure starts every morning with a breakfast together with the children, the volunteers and the mommies.
After helping them to dress up for school we are bringing them all together to school.
Now our free time is starting. We use those hours for washing clothes, reading a book, meet with other volunteers or just for having a cup of tea.
Around 2 o’clock or 2.30 we pick up the children and and bring them back to the orphanage. Until the dinner is starting we help them with their homework, train them in spelling or new vocabularies and play with them.
Dinnertime is around 5 o’clock and we made them, like before every eating time, washing their hands. Because it gets dark outside really soon we use the last minutes outside for playing before we go into the house for drawing, dancing or just listening to music.
Around 7 o’clock we are helping them with cleaning their teeth, washing hands and feet and look that they change clothes.

We got to know the kids really close and we are sometimes surprised that this happened in such a short time. We both would never want to miss our time in the Love Company Orphanage and we are happy about our experiences in Nepal.

We want to say THANK YOU to Krishna, Santos and the two House Mommies. They are all doing a great job and we are glad, that the children are having them.

We will miss you all, Leonie & Harriet

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