Mar 132013

U.K. Volunteer in Nepal

August 15, 2011


I have spent two weeks here at the orphanage and my time here has been absolutely amazing. Getting to know the children has been so much fun-there has been so many laughs and I will have such special memories for ever.

During my time here, I dropped and picked the children from school, helped them with their homework, fetched the water with them and played lots an lots of games. The children are so full of energy and everything you do with them is such fun. I Would definitely recommend doing this as it has been so fulfilling. I am going to be so sad to leave and will miss the children more than ever! I have had the time of my life here – I will definitely be coming back very soon! Thank you

Kate Barkley,  UK

Mar 132013

Volunteer with children asia

August 30, 2011

We really enjoyed our stay at The Innocent Children Home in Pokhara.The two weeks passed by in no time! The kids here are full of energy and curiosity. They are very very open minded and get alone very well together, despite some conflicts. The orphanage house is a nice place with colorful rooms the staffs are very nice and helpful. This county is full of joy . We miss all the kids and will soon come back. Thank you so much!

Myriam and Stefanie
from Switzerland and Germany