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teaching in nepal

We are Happy Volunteering

July 24, 2011

We are four Spanish volunteers, have volunteered at The Love Company Orphanage we have no words to explain how wonderful it was being with lovely kids at this orphanage. We have enjoyed every moment with the kids and the staffs. Nisa was wonderful cook and she made very good Nepali traditional food. Santos was very friendly and Krishna is well educated person he is with love and compassion to all. While we were at the orphanage there was a school holiday and had opportunity to know all the kids. Thank you so much for accepting us and gave chance to learn Nepali culture and so much more. you are doing good work and keep on what you are doing..

We highly recommend for those who love children. Since the first moment kids were very friendly and we felt like home. We taught them some Spanish ,English and songs. Kids were always open to learn.


Mar 132013


Erin Miller

December 11, 2010

Dear Krishna,
how is everything in pokhara going? the kids still doing well? same volunteers?
here’s my short writing that you wanted:

went back for the second time to visit the kids at innocent children. i was very happy to see everyone, and that the kids were doing well. with 15 kids now it gets pretty busy, apsara and nisha definitely have their hands full! volunteering here is a lot of fun, the kids really seem to like having extra people around to play with. typical day volunteering has some colouring or games, then breakfast, kids to schoool, bit of cleaning then free time, til kids back, homework, games, eating bed. not too too hectic, and really enjoyable. had a fantastic time there, and so glad i went back a second time.

all the best krishna,