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Welcome to TLC NEPAL!
The organization ‘TLC’ was set up to help match volunteers with our projects working with children in our orphanage in Pokhara, Nepal. TLC facilitates services not only in Pokhara and the surrounding villages but also in the Kaski, Tanahu, Baglung,and Syangja districts of Nepal.

In order to facilitate our work with some of the most needy children in Nepal, The Love Company desperately needs volunteers from all over the world to help with our projects, spend time with our children and themselves have a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.
The Love Company offers an excellent, safe and friendly environment to stay and work in villages, getting to know the real Nepal. The satisfaction of our volunteers is always foremost in every project we run.
Why Choose The Love Company?

We think that our volunteer programs are unique compared to others. We believe that we provide a premier service that is transparent, cost effective, personal and flexible, making us different from other volunteer organizations. We are not affiliated with any volunteer organizations nor do we receive any government or charitable funding, meaning we are currently entirely dependent on the help of volunteers.
TLC believes that progress is impossible without change; and exchanging the knowledge is the best way of developing our nation. We can learn from our volunteers just as they can learn a lot from us about our traditions and culture.
The Love Company focus on all activities like social, cultural analysis, traditional resources, child care, Nepali music, teaching basic hygiene, teaching English language, teaching gardening etc. If any volunteers wish to help in any other way, we will be very happy to facilitate this.
For more information on our projects please visit Projects.

Founding The Love Company
Whilst still at school, Krishna Pokhrel ‘Padam’ was advised by his American volunteer teacher that he saw him helping the children and poor people of Nepal in the future.
True to this prophecy, Krishna was himself became a volunteer teacher in a high school for two years, firm in his belief that all children are entitled to an education.  During this time he gained increasing knowledge and skills to be able to help others.

After his two years volunteering and teaching in high school he became a trekking guide. During his treks he visited very remote villages and poor families of Nepal who have no clean drinking water, where many children get sick because of very poor personal hygiene. Many of these children had no opportunity to go to school.
So, keeping all these things in mind, Krishna set up The Love Company and the Innocent Children’s Home which currently looks after 9 children. Now he is trying to build on this success by providing even more children with food, shelter, medical care and schooling through his efforts with The Love Company.


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    I am a volunteer at The Love Company Orphanage!!!
    November 25, 2012 user

    Namaste!! Here are a few paragraphs you asked for:

    Namaste! Hi! My name is Abbey and I am a volunteer at The Love Company Children Home, in Pokhara, Nepal. If you are interested in volunteering with children, living in a beautiful and outdoorsy village, and having daily opportunities of exploring – this is for you!

    There are currently thirteen children, ages 4 – 11, six girls and seven boys. Two house mothers live there, Upsada and Sanjita. They take turns cooking and cleaning. If you were to volunteer here, they give you a (nice) room to sleep in and a (clean) western bathroom. Responsibilities of a volunteer include: waking up and playing with the children in the morning before breakfast and afterwards, helping the children clean-up and get ready for school. When it is near the time school starts, another responsibility is to walk the children to school. After that “free time” until 3:00pm – which is nice if you enjoy exploring and going new places. Lakeside is a twenty minute walk away! Lakeside has many attractions, among them are restaurants and bars along the lake, shops, adventure shops, and of course Lake Fewa. You can walk, bike, or boat around it! It is quite beautiful! After exploring or relaxing, you pickup the children from school and walk back to the home. When you arrive, you eat a snack and then work on homework before free time. After that is dinner and more free time before bed. At the end of the day you will have a balance between the children and your own time!

    I decided to go here to Pokhara because I have never been here and wanted to learn about the Nepali culture. I have enjoyed my stay and getting the chance to learn. People here in Pokhara are very friendly, generous, and willing to help. On all my walks and adventures, I have been greeted by people of all ages saying, “Namaste! How are you?” People are genuine, warm, and curious! They want to know where you are from, great conversations have been had with strangers.

    Upon my arrival I was greeted by Krishna, the manager of the house. Such a sweet and gentle man! Making sure my travels were safe and sound and introducing me to Santos (a teacher who volunteers at the home) the house mothers and all the adorable children. Talking and listening to him, I realized that his heart is for the children. He has given so much of his time and money to the children’s’ home, knowing this is a comfort. Volunteering at an organization where the owner is passionate about the cause, the children – is evident here! I am grateful for the opportunity I have here, to work with the children in a foreign country and still have the time to explore.

    Abbey USA

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    Volunteering Abroad With The Love Company!!!
    September 02, 2012 user

    Volunteer Testimonial Abroad!!!

    Amazing Volunteering experience Abroad at The Love Company orphanage! My time at The orphanage was rewarding one. It allowed me to integrate into the culture rather than to be a spectator, to part of community. I was not a tourist there. Children were great! Age of 4-11 there are absolute bundles of joy and energy.

    My day to day routine consisted getting the children ready for school, walking them to school then I had free time to explore beautiful Pokhara. When I bring children from school to Orphanage I helped children with their Home Work and then sport time, playing with them which of course they enjoyed the most.

    Thank you to Krishna, Santos, house mothers Janjita, Apsara for their kindness and hospitality. This was a great experience. I would certainly recommend people to join .

    Ryan from Canada

    If you like to email me to know more information please!


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    Volunteering at The Love Company Orphanage!!!
    September 02, 2012 user

    Volunteering at The Love Company Orphanage!!!

    Volunteering Abroad, My name is Alexander Antonius, I am from Germany, I volunteered for two and half weeks at the Love Company orphanage. I had the great time at the orphanage! Because two house mothers and children were very friendly. When I arrived here children took my hand directly and asked for my name. for German people it is a big family, everybody takes care of each other, they are playing together and do not care of the age.

    What I have to is bring children to school at 9.40 Am and pick them up at 3.00 O’clock in that case I had enough free time to do my stuffs . When children are back home I helped them with their home work for 45 minutes and after time to play game with the children until the evening. I loved my volunteer work at the orphanage. Thanks for The Love Company to give me such a wonderful opportunity to learn the Culture and tradition of Nepal.

    The last thing I have to say is, that I really got into the culture of the people because I lived in that big family. For that reason I could learn lots of cultural things here. So all in all I had a very nice time and I had lots of fun with the children and I could really learn something. I am already thinking about coming back again after my study and will tell to my friends to go directly to The Love Company that way Orphanage can benefit directly. Thank you The Love Company for having me! It was all amazing.

    Please if you have any questions please here is my email: bronkobaer@yahoo.de

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    Thank You Dear Love Company!!!
    July 28, 2012 user

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    Dear Love Company

    When we arrived in this Orphanage we did not know much what to do, there were 4 volunteers and they were doing their own activities on, so first day we only shaw children, house mothers and the Organization. The other days we tried to hep them with children homework and we prepared them with some games they wanted so much . Children they do have their regular routine too. We supported their routine daily.

    We also suggested children to wash their hands before eat and clean their teeth after food. We also suggested them when their clothes are dirty to change other clothes so they are now doing these simple things theirself. They are changed and their habbit is changed. But future volunteers need to remind them . We played a lot with the children and they are very sweet. Sometime we prepared Spanish food for the kids they were very very happy and enjoyed our food.

    Around 9.00 Am after food we helped kids to get prepared with their school uniform and get ready for school. And walked to school together with kids. When children inter to the gate of the school we were free until 3.00 Pm and went to school back to bring children to home.

    Now we want to say thank you so much for your hospitality and giving chance to stay in this home. We hope that The Love Company will continue and will reach to a one of the beautiful home and help many children. Congratulation for your work you do here. We hope we can come back another year and volunteer again . We will also send some clothes and photos which we took at the orphanage. We are very very happy to be able to help !

    Thank you for all

    Anna & Agnis

    From Spain
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    We Enjoyed Every Moment At The Love Company Orphanage!
    July 10, 2012 user

    Rachelle and Victor

    We stayed at the Love Company Orphanage for three weeks and Enjoyed every moment of it. Volunteering with such a lively and fun loving group of children is very rewarding, and also tiring!

    During our visit the children were on school break, which was great because we got to take them to the park and down to Lakeside, as well as do fun indoor activities such as coloring, reading, origami and jigsaws. They were especially interested in books about Mammals from Australia because they had never seen half of them before!

    Overall, this was a fantastic experience and we would love to come back again soon! We miss them all.

    Rachelle and Victor


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