Who is behind this organization?


The Love Company was founded by Krishna Prasad Pokhrel in 2009. Since then, he has accepted children with open arms, hoping to help as many as he can sustain in his orphanage housing.

Before TLC, Krishna did many things. He was a guide through the beautiful Himalayas of Nepal, a teacher, and a social worker. Through these occupations, he found his love for children and foreigners alike, and realized his dream of helping anyone he could. He built two primary school rooms as well as became a leader to build a high school in a small village, with the help of the villagers. Later on, he then brought together foreigners and the local children in need, and from there The Love Company was born. Krishna wants nothing more than for these children to have the best lives that they possibly can. He believes that the volunteers can help teach the children many things, and also that the children can help teach the volunteers just as much.

These days, Krishna is also a spiritual healer. He aids those in need of both mental and physical help through love, compassion, and spirituality. He has had proper meditation training and has testimonials from many people, including doctors. All of his profits go to the children of the orphanage, if you are in need of spiritual healing, please ask him.